Glass Bells

A set of 18 microtonal glass bells.

Made in collaboration with scientific glass blowers Adams and Chittenden. Some were made from chambers normally used in heart transplant surgery. Others were hand cut from glass jugs.

The scale consists of a largely chromatic octave (ranging from F#4 to F#5) with multiple microtonal unisons of certain notes. The structure is as follows:

F#4 +20 c
A4  +18 c
B4  +10 c
C5  -20 c
C#5 -30 c
C#5 +40 c
D5  -35 c
D5  +50 c
D#5 -10 c
D#5 +15 c
D#5 +50 c
E5  -30 c
E5  +15 c
F#5 -25 c
F#5 +15 c
F#5 +25 c
G5   +5 c
G5  +28 c

Bell Instrument Dimensions: